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Modest dress in Duomo/Italy

I keep reading about dressing modestly in the Italian Duomo in the cities we will be traveling to in August with my teenage children - no knees showing, no bare shoulders/sleeveless tops. To keep packing to a minimum and given the extreme heat in areas like Rome/Vatican City in Aug, could we get away with sleeveless tops if we bring a scarf or shawl to use to cover our heads/shoulders when we enter the duomo? And could my girls & I wear capri pants or go with a longer skirt that might be a bit cooler depending on the material. Thanks!

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Capris are totally fine, and as long as you have even a little bit of sleve you will be fine. No need to cover head, just shoulders.

My husband and son handles this by wearing zip off pants so they could convert to shorts outside of the churches. I thought they might look out of place, but we saw tons of people wearing these.

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Do what you suggest. It's all about respecting the church as a place of worship so no masses of flesh showing etc. As you are concerned about doing the right thing I'm sure you'll be fine. I must admit I never have covered my head but having a scarf will give you that option.

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better yet buy a scarf/shawl there-- inexpensive and a great memory

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In St. Peters you must have sleeves that are similar to a basic tee shirt. They have drawings right there while you stand in line - and they enforce it. They will give you paper outfits (very glamerous) if you do not meet their criteria. A shawl works fine.