I'm in Florence today and will end my 2-week trip on Milano. I'm thinking 4 days in Milan might be too long. Haven't booked lodging there yet, so I was thinking a night on Modena? Parma? Any other suggestions? Thanks! Meggan

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Meghan, Four nights in Milano would be too long for me, however if you use it as a base for a few day trips, that time frame would be perfect. You could (for example) take a day trip to Varenna on Lago di Como, along with a side trip to the somewhat posh resort of Bellagio. You could take another trip to Stresa on Lago Maggiore and tour a few of the beautiful Borromeo Islands and / or ride the cable car to Mt. Mottarone. That would leave two days in Milano, which would be about right (IMO). Modena is certainly one possibility, or perhaps Bologna. You'll have to decide which towns interest you the most. Happy travels!

Posted by Will
Columbia, SC
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If you're an art person Ravenna is unforgettable. Not too far out of the way. Modena wasn't particularly memorable to me, but could be worth a stopover of a few hours on the way to Milan.

Posted by Monique
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
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Hi Meggan, I suppose since you mention Modena and Parma that you desire something in the Emilia-Romagna region...? I have been to Modena, and for the life of me I cannot remember anything other then the cathedral that Luciano Pavarotti's funeral was held in, and I spent a month visting friends there! - in Modena, not the cathedral. It was an overall nice experience, and granted, it was my first trip to Italy and afterward we went to Florence, Rome, and the Amalfi Coast, so with those blockbusters Modena paled in comparison. And I am sure other people may have great reasons why you should choose it. But if it were me, I would choose something that more people can testify for (watch 150 people now post on wonderful Modena is...). Anyway, Bologna perhaps?

Posted by Meggan
Interlochen, MI, USA
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Thank you for your suggestions. I think I'll avoid Modena and check out the lakes. - Meggan

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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You throw out names of towns with question marks so it is really super hard to say what to respond with. We don't know what you might like and what you might not. So because one person says they spent a month somewhere and didn't remember anything you will bin the idea? I will say that in February I had a better (and far cheaper) meal in Modena than I had in Bologna. Both are different and both are very pleasant smaller cities.