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Milan - Versace sunglasses

Hello all,
In Milan for a few days and don't know where to shop for Versace sunglasses - a friend said there are discount stores selling merchandise at 50% off!! Does anyone know the names of stores selling Versace sunglasses at good prices?
Thanks, Ciao!

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If it is that cheap it either very out of fashion or fake, possibly. I'd check carefully so that you are not duped.

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I always buy my Versace sunglasses from the man standing in the Piazza Duomo with the big overcoat. Just say the secret word (Ciao) and he opens the coat and all the sunglasses are in neat little pockets sewn into the inside of his coat. He doesn't take credit cards.

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Thanks Sam and Nigel - i dont want anything fake - these deals are talked about on as well but dont mention the exact area - they are last years designs apparently. Does anyone know of any sunglass stores that sell a variety of different brands? I would rather not go to the Versace store itself.

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There are now several designer outlet malls in Italy, typically on the outskirts of large cities, and there's usually a way to get to them using public transit or an outlet bus service. I doubt you'll find a discount store in or close to the city center selling authentic designer goods. The TI office may have brochures on outlet malls near Milan, or try googling something like "designer outlet stores in milan."

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You could try some of the stores in the La Rinascente complex across from the Duomo or in that area. They won't be "discount" as most of the stores in that complex are somewhat posh. You can get some idea of the styles and retail prices on the Versace website.

It would be a really good idea to exercise caution in buying things at a "50% discount", as authorities have been cracking down on counterfeit goods purchases, as shown in THIS story and THIS story.

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Your hotel may have outlet brochures or the front desk staff may be able to help.