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Milan to Venice Christmas week

Hi all, we're flying Newark to Milan right after Christmas. We're heading immediately to Venice via train. Flight is scheduled to land at 8:30am.
Question is: given possible weather delays, getting through immigration at MXP, taking train to Milano Centrale, etc., how much time should we plan for before we can catch a direct train? Since it's the holidays and crowded, we would like to get the tickets ahead of time.
Italo has 11:35 and 12:35 direct trains to Venice S. Lucia.
Trenitalia has a 13:45 direct train.
I've looked at the past posts but given holidays and covid, I'm guessing things are different. Would hate to miss a train but also would hate to not get seats after a long flight. Thanks to all

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This is always a question with no certain answer. Too many variables. I would book the 13.45 if the super economy tickets are available otherwise wait till arrival. We have done this a number of times and always made it till about four years ago when our original flight from the US was cancelled. We lost the on going flight. My guess is that you will always be able to get a train ticket.

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I agree with Frank: book the 13:45 at super economy rates and hope for the best. You may be spending some hours in the station or nearby but chances are good you’ll get the train. If not, yes you will have to buy new tickets at full fare.

I’d hazard a guess that the earliest you’d be at Milano Centrale is 10:30. Stow the luggage in the bag check, walk to the Duomo, have lunch, walk back. That’s easily 2-2.5 hours of activity and will help with jet lag.

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Italians don't spend the Xmas holydays in overcrowded cities like Venice, they stay home with family up to the 26th, then most leave either for warmer countries or for the mountains. You will see more passengers getting OFF the airport train at the airport!

I agree with the above advice: Buy online the 13:45 in advance if you can find 2 SuperEconomy tickets, otherwise get tickets online at MXP for an earlier train. Win-win.
There is free wifi inside the airport and you can install both Trenitalia's and italotreno's app at home.

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Thank you for the help. So no one thinks making the 12:35 is likely ;)
Trenitalia super economy is already sold out.
Another question: What is the most efficient way from MXP to Milano Centrale--the train or the shuttle bus?
Thanks again!

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The train will take you right to the track platforms where the trains to Venice will go from. If you take the bus, it will drop you outside the station and you will have to get your bearings, then enter the station and find your way up to the platform level. Buses are subject to traffic, while probably light at Christmas time, who knows?

At least for Trenitalia, the Economy price is 87.80 EUR for 2 vs 98 EUR Base price, so you are only saving 10.80 EUR buying tickets that are less than fully refundable. Smart??? I'd check the Italo price structure as well.

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SuperEconomy is not sold out, even if the site says so. Because of Covid they can sell only 80% of the seats, so they have decided not to sell the most discounted tickets (without changing the site).

These Covid containment measures will be reviewed on December 15, I wouldn't be surprised if on December 16 the evil minds Trenitalia released some SuperEconomy tickets.

Italotreno has made a different choice: there are less Low Cost tickets available on, but there a few on almost all trains.

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This past August we were in Milan Centrale 1.5 hours after we landed so earlier train certainly is possible. Now we didn’t check luggage and had flown from Paris not the USA. I think the hesitation is in you buying non refundable tickets for a specific time.

One advantage of spending a little time in Milan is that it is nice to walk around without a mask after having been masked traveling. You will have to wear a mask again on the train to Venice. We spent a few hours in Milan before heading to Lake Como.

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Keep in mind that Beth did NOT have to go through immigration/Passport control. That is the huge variable in how fast you can get to Centrale. And ALL tickets, except Regionale trains, are for a specific time and train.