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Milan's Fashion District

Hello all,

We will be arriving in Milan in the morning from Venice on a Saturday. We have booked a city wonders tour that includes The Last Supper for Sunday afternoon. So, although it's another train ride, we are considering taking the train to Varenna for the afternoon on Saturday. We have promised to take our daughter to the Fashion District, so we can only go to Varenna if shops are open on Sundays. I have read conflicting information on this. RS says on his book that most shops in the district will be closed on Sunday. Other info that I have read says most shops will be open and some closed. Anyone have any experience on this? We would only be window shopping, but it would still be nice if the shops are open.

Thanks in advance.

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It depends on the store. Bigger names like Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and Versace will be open but the smaller boutiques might not be. For example, Stella McCartney is closed. Have your daughter make a list of the brands she wants to see and see if they’re open that day. . . But if she’s only window shopping, does it matter if the stores are open? The windows will be dressed up regardless.

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In early Sep 2019 we were in Milan one day - a Sunday. My wife wanted to visit the fashion district to people-watch.
We didn't go in any stores, but most (or at least many) seemed open and my partner satisfied her desire to see "fashionably-dressed" people.