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Milan Malpensa to train station; train to Genova

We are arriving at Milan's Malpensa Airport at 6:55 pm on an SAS. Is there any way in the world we could make it to the train station in time to catch an 8:00 pm train to Genova? How about a 10:00 pm train?

Is there good subway or train service between the airport and the train station?

We are going to Cinque Terra. Our original plan was to arrive in Milan, spend the night, and take the train in the morning. But we cannot find an affordable hotel in Milan. Our arrival, Sept. 8, coincides with a convention and a tennis tournament, and even the Rick Steves 100 euro hotels are charging 200 euros for that week. So we just want to get out of Milan and head to Genova, where we were headed anyway on our way to Cinque Terra by train. What a choice -- penury or exhaustion!

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Hello Michael,
My husband and I are arriving in Milan on September 5th then heading to 5Terre the next day. I was obviously lucky enuf to make my reservations a few months ago and got a decent rate of 80 Euro.

We are taking the Malpensa Shuttle from Malpensa to Central Station for 12 Euro. Its supposed to take 40 minutes. I got the reservation already online at

You should check it out!

Viva Seattle!

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Look closely at the malpensa airport website. The express train from airport does not go to milan's central train station. It goes to the cordona station, just south of the fortress on west side of downtown for 9 euro. The shuttle BUSES for 5 euro go to main or central station. Since you want to go west, and not stay in milan area, you might consider staying at a hotel near airport that night, or, take a bus from malpensa WEST. They are listed on Malpensa airport website. We were there two weeks ago, arrived at milan via central station, overnighted, and left for airport next morning on express train via cordona station. The express train ride is about 30 minutes.

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The Malpensa Shuttle does go directly to Central Station, no worries there! I think it was the Maplensa Express that does not...

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I've taken the Malpensa Shuttle (the bus, not train) to the central station. Easy to do, but you're overly hopeful thinking it's possible to land at 6:55 p.m. (assuming plane is on time), get off plane, collect luggage, get through customs, on the bus, and into town in less than an hour. It takes about 30 minutes on the bus, if traffic, more. A 10 p.m. train is more reasonable, but make sure there's a later one just in case.

Not sure where the train goes, but is it possible to find a spot to stay out of Milan but not all the way to Genova? At least you'd have a shorter train ride and hit a bed sooner than going the whole way.