Milan Malpensa Airport

I am taking a flight out of Paris, France to Milan Malpensa Airport by EasyJet into Terminal 2 and need to get to Terminal 1 to take the Malpensa Express to Milano Centrale. I know I have to take the shuttle from terminal to terminal, but should I expect a long or difficult time getting out of Terminal 2 due to customs, waiting for baggage, security etc.? Thank you.

Posted by Robert
Liberty, Missouri
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This might be easier for you. I did this in May. Take the Mapensa Express Bus direct from Terminal 2 (Easy Jet Terminal) to Milano Centrale. Just go outside and look for the sign post with Malpensa Express on it. (The cost was 10 Euros I think) It is about an hour bus ride and you are dropped off just outside a side entrance of Milano Centrale. It was pretty hassle free.
IMO this was better than the bus transfer to Terminal 1 and then catching the train. But the shuttle to Terminal 1 is also just outside the door. Terminal 2 is fairly small.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Malia, I travel that route on just about every trip to Europe (including this year), and agree with the previous reply. The easiest and quickest method to get from Terminal 2 is the use the Malpensa Shuttle (Bus). Travel time to Milano Centrale is about 50 minutes, depending on traffic. You'll probably be offered an opportunity on your EasyJet flight to buy a ticket for the Shuttle. You'll be given a Voucher, which you'll exchange for a ticket with the driver. As I recall, there are two firms offering Bus service, and the voucher will only be accepted by one of them. As you're travelling from within the E.U., there will be no issues with "customs or security". Simply collect your checked bag off the carousel and then walk out the door. You'll see the Shuttles right in front of the terminal. Larger luggage items go in the hold under the Bus. A few important points regarding EasyJet..... If you think your checked luggage will be over their allowable weight limit, it's MUCH better to pay for the excess at the time of booking. If they find it overweight at the gate, the cost will be much higher. EasyJet normally allows ONE carry-on bag per passenger, of the approved size (and they DO check). That doesn't mean "one plus a personal item such as a Purse", it means ONE ONLY!!! There's no weight limit for carry-on but you'll have to be able to lift it into the overhead bin yourself. You'll have to print your boarding pass prior to the flight and then just go to the bag drrop in Paris. Aside from those rules, I'm sure it will be a pleasant flight. When you arrive at Milano Centrale, go to the right around the corner and then upstairs to get to the tracks. Cheers!

Posted by Larry
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Malia, expanding just a bit on Ken's helpful comment, you will go through Immigration in the first airport you arrive in when entering the EU. This may be Paris or it might be a previous airport before you arrived in Paris. For your flight from Paris to Milan, this is and Inter-EU flight. No immigration necessary in Milan for this flight.