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Milan connection to Varenna and where to stay in Milan. September Travel

We (2 women) we are flying into Athens from Santorini in the morning. This trip is in September. We hopefully can fly to Milan that same day. I probably should check flight schedules for this.

I am guessing we should we spend a night in Milan before heading to Lake Como. Where would be a convenient location to stay? Tentatively, we plan to stay in Varenna for 4 nights and then head back to Seattle. So would take the train back to Milan and fly out. I am guessing that would be another night in Milan. Let me know if this sounds feasible and any other ideas. Our first trip to Greece and Italy but have been to Europe before. We plan on going back to do another trip to Italy and Portugal. We have been to Switzerland so decided it wasn't worth it to fly out of Zurich. Thanks for any hints and suggestions. Our Greece trip is 7 nights through Greca travel.

We won't have a car but would like to do trains rather than buses.

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Assuming you are flying Aegean, you will land at Malpensa. Take the train to Milano Centrale. Hotel Berna is an easy walk from the station to spend the evening. Next morning, walk back to the station and buy tickets to Varenna-Esino. Trains goes every hour and takes about 1 hour to get to Varenna. Reverse the process on return to get back to Malpensa for the flight home.

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Whether you need to spend the night in Milan enroute from Greece depends on when you get to Milan.

If you can get to Milan by 5ish, you should be able to get to Varenna well before dark.

Definitely spend the night before the flight out of Milan, in Milan ( or near the airport, depending how early the flight is)

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Thanks very much for the information.

Yes, would rather spend two nights in Milan before going home. Have never been to Italy and heard there are lots of things to do in Milan including day trips. And thanks for airline and airport hints.

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Another vote for Hotel Berna. Great breakfast buffet when we stayed there and nicely located to enjoy the sights. We did a free (pay what you will) Frog walking tour that was great.

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just a thought - if you only have two nights in Milan you won't have a lot of time for day trips - you will only have one full day.

Another vote for the Berna, and if they put you in the Annexe across the street, that's fine too

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I have flown in to Athens from Milos several times and then changed planes to Milan. Unless you are arriving late, there are hourly trains to Varenna from at least 9pm in September. It is just over an hour to Varenna-Esino from Milano Centrale. Considering your 2 nights in Milan I would plan to train to Varenna right after arrival, if possible.

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Yes, good ideas. Thank you so much.

I haven't been to Milan and only be there for a day. What had been confusing was there were 3 different airports to arrive at. Sorta also thinking of adding a day cushion at the beginning of the trip with all the flight cancellations going on now.

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I don't think you need that 1-day cushion upon arrival in Milan from Greece. Just plan to head straight to Varenna when you arrive, and if you are unlucky to be delayed, warn your accommodation in Varenna and book a last-minute hotel room near your arrival airport or near the Centrale train station. You shouldn't have trouble finding a clean and safe hotel room last minute, and this will be an unlikely scenario anyway!

By the way, easyJet flies direct from Santorini to Milan Malpensa in September, as well as Ryanair and Wizz Air on some days. That's far better than a flight via Athens. And even if you already have a ticket to Athens, Athens-Milan won't be cheaper than Santorini-Milan, so you might as well cancel the flight to Athens.