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Milan Bus schedule and hotel question


I have a few questions here.

I will be arriving at 2300h at Milano Central Station and need to find out what buses are still running so I can plan what hotel to book in Milan. Does anyone know a website for the bus schedule and times?

I will be in Milan for a few days and leave from Linate airport at 1130h.

Should I book a room close to train station or airport or?

HELP please..

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Last year, when my family arrived at Milano Centrale and later took the Stasrfly bus from there (Piazza Luigi di Savoia) to Linate airport, we stayed on the east side of the train station, where there are many hotels. Worked a charm. Mom didn't necessarily think The Best Hotel was aptly named; perhaps should have tried the next-door Hotel Paradiso, instead, but it was fine for me; neither are Rick's listings.

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We splurged and stayed at the Michelangelo Hotel (for 150 euros per night + tourist tax), which is within sight of Milano Centrale, and were happy.

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There are many hotels east of the station within walking distance. The Metro is also right there. Try Hotel Berna as a start. If you have to go further afield, we liked Hotel Teco a lot. At 23:00 I would take a taxi, but during the day walking, trams and the Metro were perfect!

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Here is the transit map.
Here is, as an example, the No 60 bus. It will take a bit of playing around to figure out how the site works, but the info is there. Google translate helps as its in Italian. But in short, the buses and trams at Centrale run every 15 minutes until 1 am, then every 30 minutes until 2 am.
There are some decent hotels walking distance of Centrale.

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Slightly less expensive than Berna is Hotel Garda across the street. You can easily walk from Milano Centrale to the hotels on this street at any hour.

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Thanks to all for the wonderful suggestions. I will look into hotels near the train station.

Does anyone know how I would find out which hotels may have a free shuttle to the airport? Or should I just take the Starfly to the Linate airport?

I appreciate all of the help.

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Free shuttles to the airport? Highly unlikely...maybe at the high end brands but then you are paying $400/night or more. That is not a perk that one finds in Italy except at hotels VERY close to the airport already. Buses and trains are very reasonable and taxis not all that expensive.

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Loved the Hotel Berna! We like it so much that we have booked it again for October.

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Linate Airport is IN the city, so you won't need a special shuttle or bus, you can take the city bus X73 or 73, from San Babila metro station. It costs 1.50 (normal urban fare).

On week days the buses/metro are running until midnight - 12:30 aprox. and on fridays and saturdays they run longer, and there are 24 hour routes, so there is no big worry there.