Metro to Vatican

Only 10 days and counting.... I remember seeing a post recently about Metro frequency, but can't find it now, and not remembering the answer. We have a reservation for the 9:30 Scavi tour at the Vatican. Our hotel is a block from Republicca Piazza. What time should we leave the hotel in order to pick tickets up by 9:15, without cutting it too close? An Hour? Thanks!

Posted by Andre L.
Tilburg, Netherlands
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60 min is more than enough. The subway is frequent during the day.

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Trains for the Linea A, at that time of the day, run every 3 minutes in each direction (every 4 minutes in July/August and Sundays).
The train ride from Piazza della Repubblica to the Ottaviano station is about 10-15 min. max. Then you have to walk from the Ottaviano station to the Vatican Museum, about 10 min at a leisurly pace. So one hour will be more than enough. You have time for a cappuccino and a "sfogliatella" pastry on the way there.

Posted by Allen
Lafayette, LA
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Yes, along Via Ottaviano from the metro stop to the Vatican are many inexpensive places to eat and drink. I stayed near this area for a week last June.