Menaggio to Stresa

Hi all. I would like to find a way (other than the train to Milan first!) to go to Stresa from Menaggio. I'll do bus ferry combos or even a fun tour bus with a stop in Switz along the way (provided I can bring my luggage- one pack). Any tips would be appreciated. I don't feel like going back through Milan. Thanks!

Posted by JS
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I would suggest detail planning ahead, it can be done in 3 segments. Mennagio to Lugano by scenic bus (20Kms)then train from Lugano to Locarno then boat from Locarno to Stresa. This is in Ricks guidebks with a little studying(switzerland and Italy bks) and time using multiple websites rail europe, local town bus / boat schedule.
Or bus it then pick up centovalli train to Domodosola then train to Stresa. In any event you will need time, euros and swiss francs to do all this but it will be a beautiful way to travel.
I agree it beats going thru Milan but allowing time is very imp.