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Meeting in Milano Centrale bound for Cinque Terre

I am meeting my husband who is training from Zurich to Milano Centrale. I am flying in from AMS to MXP. We are bound for Cinque Terre. Should I train from MXP to Milano Centrale, then head out to LaSpezia? Or should we meet somewhere along the Milan to LaSpezia line

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There's a restaurant-bar on the platform level inside Milano Centrale called (logically enough) Gran Bar. It's off to the far left corner as you're coming off the train. You can either meet in there (the early arrival could relax with a drink) or at the tourist info station nearby.

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There is no train from Milan airport to Centrale only a shuttle bus. Depending on who gets there first, the shuttle drop off on the SE corner (?) is good point.

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Thanks everyone. I was hoping it would be a lot easier than that. We have not made the Zurich to
Italy arrangements yet. I arrive at MXP at 14:30, since we are headed to CT, do any of you have another
route or mode that may be easier?

Thanks, Melinda

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The shuttle bus is around 6 euro and easy (takes about an hour) - I'd probably meet up at the station...if it helps, I stayed the other night at the Le Meridien Gallia RIGHT accross from the train station (the oposite side from the shuttle bus stop though - walk around the front of the station) and you could meet up there in the lobby or bar if you need somewhere safe and plesant to wait.

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Thanks to everyone for your input. We decided to
just make it easier and will both fly into MXP.
Less confusing. I appreciate all of your help.
So we will still be heading out to Cinque Terre from
the airport and be catching the shuttle together.
Thanks again.