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Me and little bro in N. Italy for 3 days - suggestions?

A little bit of info - wow, did our dad go BONKERS on Rick Steves stuff :) He's got all the books, watched all the videos and bought the suitcases. We have our rail passes and he's allocated 2 (train) days for us to travel.

here's what we have so far: We fly into Zurich on the 27th (a.m.) and we're hopping the train to Milan. We need to meet up with the folks in Munich on the 29th (p.m.) - we're looking to hit some small downs, maybe hitchhike, maybe do some hiking in the alps. Later on in the trip we're doing the major cities (Munich, Salzburg, Paris, Venice, etc.) so we're looking for some out of the way places to just ENJOY. We'll be hitting up the clubs and beer gardens in Munich, so if all we get to do is sit in the city square, rubbing elbows with the locals while sipping espressos, that's perfectly fine.

Our dad didn't really do alot of looking into Italy, so I thought why not ask all of you? I looked at the Lake Como area, but it looks pretty touristy - we want to immerse ourselves for a few days (apparently my brother wants to milk a cow or two), not rub elbows with our fellow americans.

Thanks in advance!

Some timing clarification:

We're planning on catching the 11 a.m. train from Zurich to Milan on the 27th, spending some time in Milan that afternoon and then going to another destination that evening (day 1 of eurail).
On the 28th, we'll be in a (small) town somewhere.
On the 29th, we'll be taking a train (day 2 eurail) from (where-ever) to Munich - we have all day to travel, but should be getting into Munich around 6pm (18:00) to meet the folks at the hotel.

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It's a 4 hour or so train ride from Zurich to Milan. It's an 8 hour train ride from Milan to Munich and there appears to be only one train that leaves milan at noon and arrives in Munich at 20:00.

So unless you mistyped or I'm not counting right(wouldn't be the first time), you are looking at at best an afternoon, overnight, the next full day, overnight and the following morning on the ground in Italy. that assumes you don't actually leave Milan. If you factor in travel time to someplace else, you won't have much time to do anything.

Perhaps you would be better served to stay somewhere in Switzerland.