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Malpensa Express Timing

How much time do I need to get from Milan Centro (arriving on either Italiarail or Trentitalia) to the Malpensa Express. Is 1/2 enough time? Thanks!

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Do you mean 1/2 hour? More than enough. You're just changing platforms and should take 10 minutes at the most. And you do mean Italotreno I presume.

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Thanks Sam - Italotreno is what I meant. It's the first time using the train system and I'm just a bit concerned. Yes, I am scheduled to arrive in Milan with about 38 minutes to catch the Malpensa Express getting me into MXP 2 1/2 hours before departure back to the States. I wasn't sure that was enough time. Not sure which high speed train to take from Florence. Past posts seem to say either company is fine. Thanks for your advice.

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Personally I would not run it that close. While 90% of the trains run perfectly on time, there is always a possibility that something can happen. I would add at least another hour. You have no margin for error.

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Where are you coming from prior to the trip to MXP?

I tend to agree with Frank in the previous reply. While the high speed trains are usually on time, I've experienced delays in both high speed services, which were caused by problems on the tracks that they both run on. If there are any significant delays, you could miss your return flight!

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If you are coming from Florence ( my guess based on your other post), you are braver than I. Some might think, but not say it out loud, that you are crazy to be cutting catching an international flight so close, time wise.

I wish you good luck

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Anyone will tell you that I'm not known for my tact, so I'll just say it : you're nuts if you think this is a good plan. You should arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before your flight if you're flying to the US. And cutting it that close gives you no wiggle room if something happens with your train, and you're late. You need to build in a much bigger cushion.