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Malpensa Airport in Milan, Italy

Hello everyone.

We will be flying from Seattle to Milan, Italy via Amsterdam in two weeks. The day prior to our departure we will both be getting the Rapid Covid test. There are so many different articles about the Covid tests that I am completely confused and my head is spinning from reading them all. Will we be required to get another Covid test upon our arrival at Malpensa Airport or is the one we take in Seattle sufficient? Our flight from Seattle to Malpensa is only 12 hours and the tests will be less then 48 hours old.

Thank you!

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Use this tool:

You will be entering Italy from The Netherlands and have been in USA prior.

It looks like you are OK to enter and your test will still be valid. You actually don't need the test if you are vaccinated. Don't know if needed for Amsterdam. Length of time you are in that country doesn't matter.

Based on your answers, you can enter Italy. There are special provisions in place if you are travelling from Canada, Japan or the United States.

Read carefully the information provided below.

If you are travelling to Italy after a stay/transit in a List D Country (other than Canada, Japan or the United States) in the previous 14 days:

You must fill out a digital Passenger Locator Form (or, in case of lack of necessary technology, a self-declaration) and present it to the carrier or any other authorised person, either printed or on your mobile device;
You must prove that you have undergone a molecular or antigenic test, carried out by means of a swab, with negative result, in the 72 hours before you arrive.
As soon as you enter the national territory, you must inform your Local Health Authority of reference.
Bear in mind that airport transit is allowed, provided that you do not exit designated areas.
Once you have reached the address indicated in the dPLF, you must self-isolate for five (5) days.
You must undergo another molecular or antigenic test, carried out by means of a swab, at the end of the 5-day self-isolation. Exceptions are indicated below.<<

If you are traveling to Italy from Canada, Japan or the United States:

You must fill out a digital Passenger Locator Form (or, in case of lack of necessary technology, a self-declaration) and present it to the carrier or any other authorised person, either printed or on your mobile device;
You may present to the carrier, or any other authorised person, a Covid Certificate (also known as Green Pass or Covid-19 Green Certificate) or equivalent certificate, issued by your local health authorities in Canada, Japan or the USA, showing proof that you have either:
been vaccinated against COVID-19 with an EMA authorised vaccine and you have completed the prescribed vaccination cycle since at least fourteen days;
received a negative result of a molecular or antigenic test carried out in the 48 hours before your arrival;
recovered from COVID-19 and you are no longer under prescription of self-isolation. <<

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Hi Lori,

I just cancelled my trip to leave next week, but it was the same route you’re taking. You don’t need a Covid test to go transfer through Amsterdam and end at Milan if you have your white CDC card. You will need a Covid test to come back to the US.

By the way, if you’re interested, we have a monthly area meeting of fellow travelers in the Coeur d’Alene/Spokane area. We would love to have you join us and hear about your trip when you’re back! We’re meeting at the Woops French Bakery in downtown CdA.

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For Italy, one important point is if you are vaccinated and have proof, or not. If vaccinated, no test is needed, but nice to have as a backup.

With no vaccination, you need results for a swab test taken within 72 hours of arrival. No need to test on arrival, that was a requirement earlier as part of the "Covid Flights".

As for test type, it can get confusing, lots of terms are thrown around; Molecular vs Antigen, PCR tests, swab tests, saliva tests, etc. As soon as you have something figured out, someone uses a different term.

However, for Italy (may not help if you get stuck in Amsterdam) if you go here:

They will accept either a Molecular or Antigen test, as long it is a "swab" test., So as long as the test is a swab, not the saliva test, then you supposedly are fine.

There are a number of posters who have done the trip, maybe they have more information.

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Hi Lori,

I see you're in Spokane Valley. Where are you planning to get your Rapid Covid test? We're in Post Falls and have been anxious regarding availability of testing in our departure timeframe. We're flying to LHR in 2 weeks so we're trying to decide on whether we should order the Delta/Virgin Atlantic test kit or try getting an appt at one of the local Walgreens and hope we're able to get the results in time.

FYI - our return trip is not until Oct 1, but we'll actually be returning from Malpensa Airport.

Bill and Julie

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Are you aware that when you fly through LHR (even if you don’t leave the gate area) you need to quarantine in Italy for 5 days.

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Thank you everyone for your helpful replies. Becky we are aware of issue with flying thru LHR as was our original plan so we purchased different airfare that takes us thru Amsterdam instead. Bill, we are getting the test at travel MultiCare Indigo Urgent Care. We were told they won't do a test at Walgreens unless your sick. We had to pay $100 to call and consult with a travel nurse and she ordered the tests for us. I have to say she was very helpful and also gave us a document from the CDC that has green on it for travel that certifies that we are fully vaccinated. (in addition to our cards in case there are any issues) Jean, why did you cancel your trip? Was it because of Covid and all the hoops we have to jump thru? It seems like the people that are there right now that are posting on this forum are having a good time in spite of it all. We would love to join your travel meetings when we get back. Please PM me the information.

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Thanks, Lori. That's really helpful to know. We'll look into getting the MultiCare Indigo for sure.