Major Train Stations in Genoa, Italy and train transportation to CT

I am trying to figure out what the main train station is in Genoa Italy and which train to take from Genoa to the Cinque Terra area?
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Posted by Larry
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You're going to have to look closely at the train schedules. Numerous train stations in Genoa. If you are in Genoa, the stations that will usually get you to the CT without train changes are Genova Brignole or Genova Piazza Principe. Sometimes there are still train changes within Genoa. Some trains from Piazza Principe are IC trains and pass through the CT and go to La Spezia Centrale. Then, you back track on a Regionale train back into the CT. Further, very few trains from outside the area between La Spezia and Levanto stop in the five CT towns. Some will stop at Monterosso and you change trains to get to the other four towns. Again, you can best see the schedules on the German train website (go figure). Just select the little red button to the left of the run and then select "show intermediate stops". You'll see all of the stops and train changes.

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Hi Diane. I like the official Italy site Choose Genova - Tutte Le Stazioni (means Genoa - all stations) for the 'from' station and then the town you want to go to. Use a date in the next seven days to see all the trains, since sched for some trains is only shown 7 days in advance. Just use this to see the schedule; don't buy this tix online; just buy when there at your convenience. Enjoy your trip!

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Diane, Either the or Trenitalia websites will provide information on the trains going to the Cinque Terre. Not all of the trains stop in each town, so the travel details will depend on which of the five towns you're going to. The two main stations in Genova are Genova Piazza Principe and Genova Brignole. If you're coming from somewhere else in Italy (ie: Milano), you'll likely pass one of these stations. There are direct trains from Milan to Monterosso that go through these stations but may not stop at all of them. Are you going to be staying in Genova, or coming from somewhere else? Happy travels!

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Thank you for all of your responses. The information that you provided was most helpful and I think I can figure out the Genoa train schedule from here. Thank you again!