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Mailing package to the U.S.

I am studying abroad in Florence Italy and I need to mail some clothing and a big mug I bought In Germany home to the United States so I don't go over the weight limit for my checked baggage on the way back. I have heard the majority of the people at the post office in Florence do not speak English and I do not speak Italian so I want to be prepared when I go there. The items I want to send home are just summer clothes I bought in the United States, the mug, and a couple scarves purchased in Florence.

Can anyone tell me how to declare these items and what forms I need in order to mail a package home? Also, would it be better to split it into 2 packages as opposed to 1 big package that has a chance of being relatively heavy?

I've been trying to send this stuff home for a week or so without finding any answers and I just want this stuff on its way back immediately so I don't have to worry about it anymore.

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