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luggage storage? yea right?

I've read all the packing light topics but ya know it ain't gonna happen with the wife. I've covinced her one 26"er and a carry-on tote bag.
Anyway the question ....... is there a way to store luggage at the La Spezia train station or even at the Florence train station for 2-3 days while we visit Cinque Terre? We are staying in Riomaggiore. I'm sure it's a delight carrying or trying to roll bags around to our apartment in Riomaggiore (I'm sure we could do it but an alternative would be better). But maybe it's not so bad, that's why i'm asking. Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated.Thanks Bill & Sandy

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Bill --- something is wrong here. If she can afford to leave the large suitcase somewhere for two or three days, then you don't need it for the whole trip. Another issue with the 26" is overweight. We are just back from a weekend in London and every large bag was weighed and surcharged. There were open bags on the floor everywhere as people tried to reduce the weight in the larger bags. Two smaller bags would be much easier to handle than one large bag You already know the key tip -- less luggage. What other tips or suggestions would you like?.

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It doesn't look like 2 carry-on sized bags (21") would work for us so we are going with one plus a lightweight 24" we found on the net. It holds more than the carry-on but is not a monster. You might consider one of these intermediate ones. However, I agree with others - two small are better than one big. Get rid of the tote and go with two of approximate equal size. Also, see if the hotel you stay at the previous night or the one you are going to next will hold the extra bag for you. For example, if staying in Florence a night before or after CT, see if the hotel will hold the extra bag while you are gone.