Luggage Storage Milan Train Station

Hi, I would like to know if there is luggage storage at Milan Train Station. Thanks in Advance

Posted by Bob
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Hi Mike. Yes, major stations in Italy have manned luggage storage; as I recall it is about 5 euros per bag for 4 hours; 10 E for the whole day. Allow a little time for check in and out; depending on time of day it may be quick or there may be a line. Enjoy your trip!

Posted by Holly
Watertown, MA
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It's €5 for five hours, an increase of .70 hours 6-12 per, and .30 13th hour and beyond. Be prepared to present you passport for id which they will photocopy and attach to your bag. You only need to present one passport for multiple bags. The photocopy is returned to you when you pick up your bags.
As mentioned above allow enough time in case there is a line.

Posted by Jerry
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Used it when we were in Milan three years ago but found out they have a weight limit on bags. We packed too much and our bags were too heavy. Had to buy another bag to distribute the weight. Lesson learned.

Posted by mike
shingle springs, CA, USA
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Hi, Can you tell me what the weight limit is per bag to store in Milan train station.
Thanks Mike

Posted by Jerry
Lansing, MI
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I don't remember exactly but it was around 20-22Kg, or about 44-48 pounds.