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Luggage storage in Amalfi?

Hi all
Going to Sorrento to Amalfi after checking out as we have a train from Salerno to Rome that night

I can’t find anywhere that will store luggage! I’m not taking a tour. Any ideas??

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A lot of the Amalfi towns will have luggage storage. There are several in Positano alone. Not totally sure we understand your post. Are you leaving Sorrento and wanting to spend a few hours in a coastal town before departing from the train in Salerno? BTW, Salerno itself is quite lovely. If you stop at one of the coastal towns, try and take the ferry from the town to Salerno. It's an awesome view from the water, and the boats are close to shore. You did not mention time of year you are traveling.

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brinda.shah77, did you mean the VILLAGE of Amalfi (which is how I took your post) or the larger Amalfi COAST?

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Thank you I’ll try divina. They’re only open till 1730 but it’s the only option right now!

I’m checking out of Sorrento and going straight to the town of Amalfi where we’d like to spend all day before getting the 1940 train Salerno-Rome

Sorry forgot to mention we’re going 13 august.

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Also I’m thinking of taking the 0630 13 Aug sita bus to Amalfi from Sorrento train station to hopefully try and get a seat and beat the crowds. Is this likely to happen or don’t bother as it’ll all be packed anyways?

The other option is the first ferry at 0930 but that only arrives at 10:50 which means the crowds would’ve already begun