Luggage Storage at Termini Station in Rome

I have read in Rick's Italy book (2006) that the Termini Station has lockers for storage of luggage. Is this still an option (in light of potential terrorist activity)? If so, are there typically lockers available (travelling in late June)? Are there any other options for temporary storage of luggage (we are passing through Rome and would not have a hotel)???

Posted by Nancy
Kennesaw, GA, United States
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Oct 2006- there was a luggage check we used where you hand over your luggage to a person rather than a locker. We used luggage checks in Rome, Venice and Milan. Allow at least an hour to drop off and retrieve your luggage. If you end up in line behind any of the international trains, the line can be brutally long.

Posted by joanne
el dorado hills, ca, usa
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Several years ago there was a normal bag check counter and lockers too. However, now it is more like an airport. The bags are x-rayed via a belt mover (do hickie thing), once cleared you are given a tag and the bags are checked. You go thru a line to drop and to pick up. But the line moves fast. If memory serves about 5 euro per day. Backs to the tracks all the way on the left hand side of the station.