Luggage Storage at Lake Como

We will be arriving at Lake Como in the late afternoon with a one night stay. However, we would like to see more of Lake Como after checking out of our hotel. Does the train station (in Como) have an area for storing luggage, or do the hotels make provisions for the storage of your luggage once you've checked out?

Posted by Katharine
Seattle, WA, USA
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I've found that most hotels will hold luggage for you after you've checked out. It seems pretty standard. If you know where you are staying, it doesn't hurt to ask ahead. I've even had hotels hold luggage for me before I check-in (I had a reservation), just so I could use those extra hours between an early arrival and check-in for something more fun than worrying about my luggage.

Posted by Nancy
Kennesaw, GA, United States
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There's not even a person at the train station LOL! But your hotel should be able to hold it for you.