luggage security on train

We will be leaving a cruise ship and going by train to Salerno. We will each have a rolling suitcase. Is there a place for luggage on the train? If so, how is it secured? Thanks!

Posted by Sherry
San Jose, CA
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Baggage isn't secured, and storage depends on the type of train car. There are overhead racks, which are too high for me to reach (markedly higher than on planes). There also are usually racks at the end of the car, and sometimes there are back-to=back seats with space for a bag between them. I bring a very small retractable cable lock to anchor my bag to a post on the rack at the end of the car. If you use that rack, give yourself plenty of time to retreive your bags before your stop... they get buried under other luggage, and sometimes shifted around (although the cable lock minimizes that, which is another advantage).

Posted by Larry
Elk Grove, CA, USA
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Lynne, there is always a place for luggage on the train. I will have to assume that you are departing from Civitavecchia. And, coming from a cruise ship, I suspect that your luggage may not be small. On the Regionale trains, there are overhead racks that will hold very large rolling bags. There are also places to store your luggage at the end of the car. On the Frecci fast trains, same thing but the seats face back-to-back creating a "V" space into which a 24" rolling bag will fit on its side. No security. If you place your luggage at the end of the car, you might want to have a cable and lock or else keep your eye on it when the train stops. Luggage theft doesn't always happen but thieves do occasionally hop on and hop back off with luggage. You have to watch your luggage.

Posted by Lynne
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Thanks so much, Larry. Very helpful, and we'll definately take your advice. Lynne

Posted by Jon
Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
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I used to worry about security also, but after numberous trips to Italy and Europe I don't worry any more. I'm now comfortable not having my IPAD or camera gear in direct line of sight just as long as I'm not advertising I have something valuable in it. There are two types of trains I've taken in Italy, the Eurostar and local trains. Depending on the train style the 2nd class cars have a luggage rack in the middle of the car or racks above head which I recommend or there sometimes is a bit of space as you enter the car and can put it there if it doesn't block traffic. The social faux paus (sorry don't know how to spell it) is to put it in a seat or the aisle. The trains can get full and using up a seat will get you annoyed looks or a rude gesture to move your bag. So my advice is don't worry too much, but make sure you can get to it in time to get off the train at your stop.

Posted by Zoe
Toledo, Ohio, US
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The only exception to Jon's faux pas statement is if you are on a regionals train that has pull-down seats in the corridor, outside the six-seat compartments: it's okay to put a bag in the aisle on the same side as the pull-down seat. There will still be enough space to walk past the bag/seat. These compartment configurations used to be the norm but are disappearing.

Posted by Chani
Tel Aviv
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I was on a crowded train with those compartments and a rolling suitcase that was too heavy (and probably too large) to fit on an overhead rack. I left in next to the wall opposite the compartment for most of the trip. Then the snack cart came by and I had to squeeze the case into the compartment. Everyone was helpful with moving things around, understanding and no one indicated any displeasure at the inconvenience.