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luggage on trains/general hauling around

I'm thinking of using one size up from the carryon approved size for my 10 day trip. It's just enough bigger to not have my stuff crammed in, but not so large as to be cumbersome (I think!). Any thoughts on using this medium size roller vs. the carryon size?

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After my first trip to Europe 10 years ago, I swore I'd NEVER take a roller again. I carry a 19" soft-sided case that converts fro a backpack to a suitcase, regardless of the length of the trip. Cobblestone streets, bridges, and hotels without elevators are NOT made for rolling bags.

We recently bought 2 more carry ons from Ebags for our kids for this summer.

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I have gone on 2 Europe trips. One for 3 weeks and one for 2 weeks. I used the 22inch suitcase with a zipper that expands the suitcase 3 inches and has wheels, for both trips. I love to be able to roll my suitcase even though the ground is not always smooth. It's better than having to carry that heavy thing on my back. I also carry a backpack carryon with wheels. I've not regretted packing light. If you are going to be traveling by train, I would go with the 22inch because the bigger suitcase is much more cumbersome. I was able to pack plenty of clothes plus 3 pair of shoes. If you are traveling by car then maybe its not as important to go so light.

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I would never think of carrying something larger than a carry on size for my 14 day trips. it's plenty big for everything I really need.

If you get a good regulation size that carries what you pack with no issues. I see no reason to encumber yourself with more. you will regret it.

Pack light, don't bring stuff that you "think" you might wear. If you think you are going to "cram" your stuff in a carry on are bringing too much already. Pare down!

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I agree with all the other posts... Just bring a carryon. I have used my Briggs & Riley 22 inch expandable for several trips since 2001. The wheels are huge and not a problem on the cobblestones or stairs. Traveling by both car or train is a hassle with bigger luggage. My friend brought a medium sized Samsonite on a 6 week trip and struggled with her bag everywhere - even getting it into a small rental car was a problem. It wouldn't fit down the aisle of the trains so she had to leave it in the end baggage compartment and check on it every time the train stopped. My bag fit right in the area between the backs of the seats - even expanded. As for packing, put out what you think you are going to take and then put away about 1/2 of it... You really won't need it all. Save room for trip momentos!

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Briggs & Riley, 11.9# ouch!

According to the spec on their website, that carryon, empty, weighs 11.9 #!! That would never work for me. I really do carryon, and my favorite airline has a weight limit of 17.6#. That would limit me to less than 6# of "stuff". I could easily carry that much. I wouldn't need wheels, for sure. And, two-thirds of what I would be carrying would be the carryon itself.

I use a ETBD convertible which weighs less than 3# empty, 15# packed. I can handle that. If I used the B & R wheeled bag, I couldn't carry everything on, and packed it would weigh 24#. There are many times when you can't use the wheels. Then, 24# is too much to carry.

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You all have been a great help. I'll pare down & go with the 22". Probably have to ship home purchases, but at least I won't have to haul them around!

Thanks so much for all your advice. It really is appreciated.

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To avoid shipping things home or for expandable space, I roll up a duffel and stick it in my bag. Light bulky things (or wet dirty things) go in there during the trip, and at trips end, I stuff durable things in that, check it, and carry on delicate things in my bag.