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Luggage on Busses in Rome/Milan/etc

We're planning our first trip to Italy. We'll be using public transportation in the cities, but I'd like to avoid paying the high $ for taxis when possible. Is it practical to think we can take our luggage on a city bus or tram to go to/from the hotels and train stations? We each have 1 smallish bag on wheels, larger than a carry-on but not huge. I hear the city busses in places like Milan and Rome are really crowded. What is a realistic scenario for a 50-something couple?


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We opted for the taxi because the buses sometimes some has to get off just to let other passengers out at their stops and get back on.

Taxi from Rome Train station to our hotel was 10Euro
it was worth it to me.

Plus after arriving from your flight do you want to try and figure out buses and tickets, just walk out the door of the station tot he taxis.

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Taxi from train station to hotel is great as you really have no idea of where you are going, and you get close or pretty close to the hotel or apt. From hotel to station is more of a known quantity. It can be very physical to wrestle your way onto a bus with suitcases.

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I have stayed at two different Hotels(Italia &Adler)in Rome and both were a short walk from the train station.No need to taxi.

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If you are still in your planning stages, and have not selected your hotels, I would highly recommend choosing hotels that are within walking distance to the train stations. I did this for my 14 day trip in May and walked everywhere. I took a light weight 22 inch suitcase with wheels and I managed just fine on the cobblestone streets.

And, by the way, I am a 52 year old single female traveling alone, and I had a marvelous first time in Italy!

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The buses and metro in Rome (and other large cities) are a haven for pickpockets. Don't mess with luggage on anything but the train. The buses are also very crowded and luggage will be a hassle. Stay near the train station in Rome - Hotel Aberdeen is nice and about a 10 minute walk - or take a taxi to your hotel. Taxis are relatively cheap in Italy for travel within large cities and the convenience is definitely worth the expense. Save the metro and buses for exploring without luggage!

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Another vote to take a taxi with luggage. The buses are usually crowded and you will be a mark for pickpockets with bags. Technically if you have a large bag you need to purchase a ticket for the bag as well but I have seen anyone fined for not having another ticket for their large bag - even when they are checking to make sure passengers have tickets.

Ask your hotel to give you an estimate on the price of a taxi from the train station. Be sure to take an official taxi from a taxi stand with a working meter. Ask the driver to estimate the cost before you get in. Expect the driver to quote you 1-2 euro more than the price the hotel gave. The driver will probably estimate high so there are no surprises.

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The buses are crowded on weekdays. We got lucky on the weekend. My family of 5 boarded the 64 Express with 5 bags on Saturday AM. We stashed the bags in an area with no seats by the doors ( I think this is reserved for wheelchairs, but we never saw any in Rome) and sat on them as the bus made it's way to Termini station. The bus did get crowded after we boarded, but everyone got out at Termini. At 1 euro per person, it was a great deal.
We would have taken a taxi, but we didn't have a cellphone and the taxi refused to come to our apartment without a call back number.