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Luggage locks, cable ties,???????? Which to use????

We are traveling to London and Spain next month and are wondering about locking up our luggage with the TSA locks, or cable ties, or straps. Has anyone encountered any problems in using these? Which is best?

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I just use zip/wire ties that way you can see if someone has really been in there cause it's cut.

Lightweight - east to replace and carry.

If anyone really wants in you bag a knife will cut the fabric.

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We carry on all our luggage (pack light) so we never worry about locking. Security will cut non-TSA locks it finds necessary so I guess their lock is preferred.

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For what should be obvious reasons, TSA locks ONLY work in the US. Just another lock to an Italian inspector. We always the medium weight plastic cable ties. But remember to carry something to cut them when you arrive. I put a large toe nail clipper in an unsecured pocket on one of my bags.

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For daytime safety - I've had luck using small caribiners (those things rock climbers use). They're easy to slip in and out of zipper pulls, but not so easy to unlock for pickpockets. I rarely lock luggage when checked bags - TSA will just open them, and I've never had them inspected in Europe. Good idea from earlier post about cable ties and fingernail clippers!

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Just gave my g/f my two TSA locks for her and her familys' trip to Germany. Not only were both locks missing but so was the zipper pulls on both suitcases that had my TSA locks! I was expecting the possibility of having the locks removed on the return trip to the US but this was from Newark, NJ to Frankfurt, DE.

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We use the cable ties too & we carry a small pair of wire cutters in an outside pocket of our luggage as well. I use a small tsa lock on the outside of my camera backpack during the day if I'm in crowded quarters (on a bus or a really busy area).

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When an Itailan train is late the sign says "retard".

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And David's question about trains was..........?

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Ed, there was no question about trains. I believe Richard is just being an alternate version of his name.

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Think he's hacked off? Dragging up a 4 year old thread to have a moan... over and over ... So the question is?

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I've just heard that, somewhere in Europe, a train was tied by a luggage cable and a US TSA lock to the station, thus making it 0.0000314157 seconds late. I may never again travel by train.