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luggage for family trip: 1 big or 2 small bags

My wife, 10 year old and I going to Italy for 2 weeks and I am considering taking 1 large wheeled bag. Eagle creek ORV trunk, 7000 cm2. After reading this site I think 2 carry on bags, might be better to manage. Any thoughts?

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My husband, myself, and our six year old are going to travel for three weeks in France and Italy. We are moving around quite a lot and will each have a carry on. Family can't come to Europe until you can carry your own pack! Our two year old has to wait:)

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My experience is that two smaller bags are much more easy to manage than one large bag. Think about getting on and off trains, especially.

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I have to agree about taking 2 bags instead of one large bag. I traveled very light and still struggled to get my luggage up the steps on the train and overhead. You have the advantage of being able to spot and keep track of your luggage while on the train if it's near you.

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i agree with darby, if you can't carry it, you can't go. i'm taking my 12 year old niece and she's been told the same for this year's trip to italy. i realize you may have to take a few extra things for a child. meds,books,games... but they can carry 5 t-shirts,3 pants, undies, a favorite toy and socks for a 2 wk trip. that's what i take and do just fine. i've been 5 times now and i always take a backpack and nothing more. i just rinse things out when i can. i've never regretted it. if you need something you can most likely find it there. the less you have to lug around the better time you'll have on the trip, airports, and no luggage claim lines to wait on. just get off the plane and start walking. going through customs is a breeze too. just my opinion, but i think you'll be glad you carried less than more. kat

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Three small bags sound doable to me. Unless someone in your group has a physical disability, there's no reason each shouldn't be responsible for their own baggage. Makes for much lighter packing. No fair making you drag it all around. :-) The 10 year old will at least need a place for their entertainment (iPod, puzzle book, munchies, etc.).