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Lufthansa Covid Testing?

So, I'm flying to Germany and Italy this summer. I've had two vaccines and two boosters and CDC cards for all. Are airlines still requiring a covid test before boarding for the US??

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I have purchase Binax Abbot Now / emed version for self test proctored.

Lufthansa's website does not specify "specific vendors" just states that it is allowed. Anyone have used this for re-entry to US, flying Lufthansa?

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You should be fine with that test.
Lufthansa is a United partner and United has recommendations/links to that particular test on their website.

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Just returned from Bologna (4 months). I returned from Italy twice in 2020 and 3 times in 2021. This was the first time that NO ONE asked to see my Covid test results for the flight back to US. I flew Bologna to Munich to Charlotte. I was surprised.

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Airline doesn't but USA does. Funnliy, like above, two weeks ago, Lufthansa asked for a verbal yes on if i had done a covid test but NO one checked or asked for the actual test!

this is different from United which wanted me to upload the test (early April) and they looked a a soft copy too.