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We are leaving for Italy in 5 weeks and are renting a car to tour Umbria and Tuscany. My inital plan was to drop the car in Siena on our last night there and take the train to our next base of Vernazza. Now I'm thinking about going to Lucca on the way to Vernazza and I'm trying to decide whether to take the car for the extra day and drop it off in La Spezia or to leave things as they are with leaving the car in Siena and taking the train to Lucca and then to La Spezia. I couldn't find any info on baggage storage in Lucca though if we did this.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Hi Chris,
Lucca is definately a charming city and worth a stop if you like Tuscan towns with nice shopping a little congestion. (I was there in 2003). The city is enclosed by walls, which have parks on top and you can walk across. If I recall correctly, you cannot drive into the historic center. You park your car outside the city walls and walk. We drove from Pisa to Lucca, parked in the lot and found it very convenient. The extra cost for the car might be worth the convenience if you decide to go to Lucca. Lucca isn't very big, so locker storage at the train station, as you suspect, may be limited or don't exist at all.

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Lucca does not have baggage storage at the train station. The tourist office(Piazzale Verdi) will let you drop bags there for a fee. Hours 9-19:00 summer/ 9:00-17:30 off season. Phone 0583-583-150