Lucca area to Venice: Car or train?

We are traveling from Pieve Santo Stefano near Lucca to Venice for the last leg of our trip June 30. We reserved a 9-person van (giant, I know, but still better-I hope-for our family than trying to navigate 2 cars in a foreign country) from Budget at the Pisa airport (taking train there from Rome) and planned to return to same location and take train to Venice, but are now reconsidering. It is €60 more to return to VCE, and even with gas I think it will be less expensive than buying train tickets for 8. Which option is best? Thank you...I can't tell you how invaluable your input has been!

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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First off. There are two Pieve Santo Stefano in Tuscany. Make sure you are going to the right one. I'm assuming you are really staying at the Pieve S. Stefano near Lucca and not the one in the province of Arezzo. Regardless, the train tickets for 8 people from Lucca to Venice are going to be around 50 euro a person (x 8=400 euro). Keeping the van will be 60 euro rental cost+70 euro gas+30 euro tolls (=160 euro). In terms of time, driving is also faster (it's 95% freeway driving). To me the answer is clear.

Posted by KN
California, United States
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Great....we'll keep the van. And yes, we are staying in a villa outside of Lucca. Can't wait! Thank you so much!