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Looking for Sicily help

Hey everyone.
I was leaning into going to the RS GAS tour next year and this week started reading about Sicily. (I’ve been to Italy twice) I am not sure where I will land, but am interested in hearing your thoughts. I know they are 2 totally different trips. Can you tell me your opinions about Sicily and what might be the best month to go? I would do the RS tour in Sicily.
Thank you.

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If you’ve been to mainland Italy, Sicily is an interesting comparison. The RS tour is good at covering this diverse place, hits the major can’t miss attractions (and they are truly can’t miss,) but imo the itinerary is a bit rushed. There’s just a lot to cover, and this is what can make it challenging to visit. If you choose to do the tour, I would suggest arriving a couple days early for some extra time in Palermo. I enjoyed Sicily very much, but feel the “different than mainland Italy” descriptions are overblown. Palermo is my vote for most underrated European city. Totally cool, clean, sophisticated, and terrific to explore.

Personally, I would suggest going when the weather is nice, like end of shoulder season or early summer. You want to enjoy these outdoor spaces and all the locals being out on the town. In late May, I experienced pretty mixed weather. Nights got chilly. Other ppl have reported the same. Sicily is not as universally hot/humid as we often imagine it to be.