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Looking for a quiet town about halfway between Florence and Tropea

I have a ten hour drive between Florence and Tropea. I'm considering making it two days with a one or two day break in a quiet town along the way. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Plan to be driving on or about May 18-19. Grazie.

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Florence to Tropea, Calabria-
I would stay just outside Sorrento. Try Il Nido Hotel. You may decide to stay another night this area (Amalfi Coast ) is beautiful and should be savored.

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Yes, I would also suggest Sorrento or somewhere nearby. Also, you are heading to my favorite Calabrian town. We loved Tropea, historic, beaut. beaches and very friendly people if you can speak a bit of Italian.

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Thanks. Have been to Sorrento once before. Loved it. So I guess I should take the hint! JS – I'll look into Il Nido. And Barb, I am working my Rosetta Stone nightly.

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I would not stay in or around Sorrento...firstly, Sorrento is not a "quiet"...and...secondly, it is a bit out of the way...can get a lot of traffic in and out and can be a pain-in-the-bottom to park in (I really do like Sorrento, BTW!! just not so much for this trip) I would stay in or around Salerno - it's easy to get in and out of with a car and it is right off the highway, so you are not back-tracking at all...and it is on the Amalfi coast ;-) The Vietri sul Mare area of Salerno is right on the coast and kind of village-like...Maratea is another good choice...further down though, so it will depend on how much driving you want per day....Padula Monestary is on the way and interesting...Caserta is on the way too and the palace is worth the visit (definitely not a quiet town though!)I'd probably choose Salerno though since it is almost exactly half-way (about 5 hours from both Florence and Tropea)and won't cause any extra driving (!) and, if you are tired of the road, you can always take a boat from there over to Amalfi.