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Looking at this B&B outside Rome
we will need a place with parking for 5.
With wife, teen daughter, and 10 year old twins. I just dont want to get to a place after flying all night and have us all FREAK OUT!

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thank you, thats a big NO for us.
I'd Freak Out....LOL
Still hope to hear from the Oceania in Rome.

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Are you limited to just those two? what is your price range?

Do you really need to have your car?

Some of us can offer other suggestions depending on your answer.

For example, we stayed at a condo by Cornelia station and were very pleased. Cars were parked all over but we don't know what the rules were.

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Check out This is a Bed and Breakfast booking site owned and operated by an American couple living in Rome. I have stayed with them many times and everywhere i have stayed has been first class. Good luck

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Have you checked out We rented our apt in Rome from them and were very happy. We have used them for Rome, Portugal, US, etc, and always seem to find something that meets our needs.

We also used and have been somewhat amazed at their selection of apts and prices.