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lodging in Cinqu Terre

We are going to be in cinque terre end of September and I am having a terrible time finding lodging. I would like to stay in Vernazza. I have emailed every place in RIck Steves recommendtion list and there seems to be no availability. Has anyone stayed at a place that is not listed but had a good expereince. I'll take any help. Thank you. Amy (Colorado)

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We had tried and tried for Vernazza and finally "settled" on Riomaggiore because we were also getting no responses (and we were on a tight budget). We used MarMar (I believe it was listed in RS book) and got an apartment in Riomaggiore. Turned out to be one of the highlights of our trip. It was fabulous.

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I prefer Monterosso for lodging. There is a wide range of lodgings. It's easier on the legs and knees than the other towns, and I like it for walking (it's bigger and has more level streets than the other four towns). I stay at Mueble Agavi; it's in Rick's books, but they don't do e-mail. I call them on the phone; an English-speaking woman answers, and they're always glad to see me.

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I was in the Cinque Terre last September and also stayed at Mar-Mar in Riomaggiore; I would definitely recommend them! The booking was handled very professionally and efficiently, and the room was great (although the room I chose was directly across from Bar Centrale, and the party noise in the evenings might bother some people, it wasn't a problem for me). They usually provide a choice of the rooms they have available.

The one "caveat" is that guests MUST arrive by 17:00, as that's when the office closes and they have dinner with the family.

Good luck!

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Amy--Have you tried emailing or faxing in Italian? I have found that I usually get a response right away if I write or speak in Italian--NOT that I speak Italian, I just use Rick's phrase book and do my best! If I don't get a response within 3 days, I phone. A few months ago to get a response for our trip in September in Monterosso I had to phone.

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YES! We stayed with Martina Callo (listed in Rick Steves) for 2 nights last May, but needed to find a third night. Martina told us of her friend, Caterina, and we booked with her. Both places were wonderful, in Vernazza. Check out Caterina's fun website: