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limiting Pompeii/Herc time

The DH and I are taking his mom and aunt to Rome and Florence for 14 days. His mom really wants to see Pompeii and Herculaneum. I'm having a hard time planning that leg of the trip. She's become a bit more sedentary since recovering from breast cancer, and I hear Pompeii can be tough on the feet, as well as lacking in the most compelling artifacts and creature comforts. Would it be possible (and reasonable) to see Pompeii, Herculaneum and the museum in Naples in two days? And should we stay in Sorrento or Naples? Have heard many negative comments about safety in Naples, and his mom's anxious about walking the streets of her own sedate NJ suburb.

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You are correct, walking in Pompeii is not for the faint of heart. You will need to have a very firm grip on Mom's arm while she attempts to navigate those horrible cobblestones. But, you can leave Pompeii at any time; it is a quick walk back to the train station. Let her know that she can quit whenever she feels tired. Start Mom out with Herc., then if she wants more, take her to Pompeii. Both are quick stops on the train line. The musuem in Naples is an absolute "must"..... this is the only place to see what was once in the barren place that is the current Pompeii. Stay in all will absolutely enjoy the town! Mom can walk anywhere at any time and feel safe......and everyone speaks English. Rememember, the Circumvesuviana train makes the trips between Sorrento and Naples, with stops at Pompeii or Ercolanto (Herc.) easy and convenient. If you limit your time in Pompeii, you can do Herc. and the Museum in two days. But, make sure that you do Herc. and the Museum!