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Liguria. Festa de la Mare this July in Levanto

We are still wondering and hoping the Festa will be held this year on July 24th and 25th as we will be in Levanto during that week. It may still be too soon for the Commune d' Levanto to commit but if anyone knows anything, please share it. We've been cooped up now for a year and I need a little pageantry, procession, eating and drinking, and flag throwing. Gracie mille.

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Hello again Bradey,

I saw that when you asked a very similar question last year you acknowledged that it wasn't a certainty to travel then.

Are you prepared now to not be able to travel there let alone have the Festa?

Most of Italy is under a tight lockdown, no travel beyond your commune or some with slightly lighter restrictions indicated by colour code, no travel beyond the local province.... The vaccination is slow there and restrictions will eventually come off slowly. At this point no tourist travel to Italy is allowed..

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Thanks Nigel. Our plans for 2021 include 9 days in Liguria, 4 days in Prague, 4 days in the West Country of England and 4 days in London. The whole thing is going to come crashing down if U.S. citizens are not permitted into the EU or the UK, My wife and I are now fully vaccinated and I think it is all going to depend on how comfortable Europe is welcoming tourists from North America. Thanks again for your interest

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It's not how comfy they feel with US tourists, but how fast they can get their hands on vaccine doses. You are vaccinated, but their people are still locked up. It's a numbers game and when everyone's numbers come down, they'll open up. Remember that the US borders are locked to non-résidents, too.