'Lesser of two evils' during Easter

Due to the kids' spring break I'll be forced to travel to Italy from March 28th to about the 9th of April. It sounds from everything that I've read so-far in books and online that I want to stay put during Easter because of the closures, crowds, and minimal transportation available. My itinerary currently has me flying into Rome on the 29th and basically traveling north until ending up (and flying out) of Milan around the 9th. Right in the middle of my trip is Cinque Terre (and Easter). I'm currently planning on getting to C.T. the morning of the 3rd and staying until the morning of the 6th. Is there anything inherently wrong with this plan? The other option that I have is to stay in Florence (or nearby Siena) during this period (they are geographically near the same spot in the country).....which of the two areas would be easier to be at during the Easter holiday (with respect to things to do, crowds, etc...)?

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