Leaving Florence by air

I'm about to book a return flight out of Florence back to Seattle. My choice option is a flight that leaves at 6:55 a.m. on a Monday morning in April. It looks like the buses don't even start running early enough to get me to the airport on time? And that the airport doesn't even open until about 5:10.
Is it safe to assume I don't need to be at the airport 2 hours ahead of time (as in Seattle)? I'm assuming I can just take a taxi to the airport (not sure how long that takes?)

Posted by David
Florence, AL, USA
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Melinda: Catching a cab is no big deal in Florence to the airport, because it's just 4 miles from the center of the city. The only problem is getting up that early. Unfortunately, only Rome and Milan really have good non-stops back to the U.S. all year. Your hotel can advise you on how to best get to the airport. I try to leave mid mornings, but you cannot always go by that schedule when you're flying out of smaller airport. I also try to fly into and out of the larger cities in Europe.

Posted by Bob
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Hi Melinda. The Florence airport is very small. I'm guessing that if you got there at 5:30, that would be plenty of time. Enjoy your trip!

Posted by Sherry
San Jose, CA
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I'd plan give yourself as close to 2 hours as possible, which will give you time to find the right desk for checkin and get in line. I've flown from Florence a number of times, most recently via Alitalia in October on a very early flight. The lines, particularly at checkin and the gate, were very, very long and very slow (only a single agent for much of the time). Taxi is the best way to make an early flight, and I don't remember it taking more than 10 or 15 minutes.

Posted by Bettye
Houston, TX, USA
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I agree with Sherry. My experience has been sloooowww service at Florence airport. Can you stay at the nearest hotel to the airport and take a cab as early as possible. I would be there early.

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Your flight is the one that I take at least once a year from FLR to come back to San Francisco (via Frankfurt) with Lufthansa. You'll be flying within the EU on a Lufthansa CityLine (Lufthansa Regional) Embraer E-90 jet (90 seat) therefore you don't need to be at the airport 2 hours ahead even if your last destination is SEA. I usually arrive one hour earlier (by 6am) and that's plenty of time. If you get there before 5:30am, you'll probably be waiting for the check-in staff to open the counter. If you want to get there early to be first in line at the counter, go right ahead. But you won't get to Frankfurt any sooner. Also there are no gold medals awarded to the first passenger checking in. I don't know where you'll be staying in Florence, but from my parents' house, which is on the opposite side of town from the airport, at that time of the morning it takes 20-25 min. max by taxi. If you are downtown, your taxi will take you to the airport in 15 min. top. You'll be lucky if you see 10 cars on the way to the airport at 5:30 in the morning. Everybody is asleep at that ungodly hour. The taxi cost is about 27-28 euros once the night surcharge and the luggage fee is added. I don't leave tips, except for the change (if any), as it is customary for us Italians. If you want to "fa' l'americano" (be like an American) and be boastful, leave more, but I won't. 25 euros for 4-5 miles is already a ripoff. Regarding the possibility of getting up later by leaving from Rome or Milan, as some have suggested, no such luck. You live in the West Coast like me and there are no direct flights from Italy to Seattle (or San Francisco). You need to stop somewhere else in Europe (or the East Coast). Therefore flying out of Rome you'd still need to get up early.