Layover time in Amsterdam to Italy

We are flying to Italy in June on Delta.
We have 65 minute layover in Amsterdam, with a connecting flight to Rome, from the US. We are seated at the back of the plane. Is that enough time?

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Yes. AMS is the best airport hub in the world for a short connection. Very easy. You might have a problem only if your incoming flight is late. If you miss the connection go to the counter called Transfer. There are several at each of the "Piers". They will rebook you on the next one to Rome. There are several daily. You'll just have to spend a little longer shopping at Schipol while you wait for the next flight..

Posted by Ed
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If you have a smartphone, get the FlightBoard app. Flip on cellular data for a minute (screw the buck it's going to cost you) as the machine parks and see where the next gate is. (They change like crazy and the boards in the terminal don't cycle that fast). Go to the bathroom prior to landing.

Posted by Rose
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FlightBoard is one of the best travel-related apps I ever installed on my iPhone. It's like looking exactly at the actual electronic flight monitor in an airport. It covers over 3000 airports worldwide and over 1400 airlines. Updates every few minutes automatically. Has never been wrong (for me). It won a 2012 Webby Award for best travel app. The same company makes an equally elegant app called FlightTrack, and TripDeck, an itinerary manager.

Posted by Denise
San Antonio, TX
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October 2012 I was also in last row of the plane with 55 minutes to change planes in Amsterdam to Italy. I made it but didn't have any time to take notice of anything in the airport. No hesitation along the way. If there was a line I asked people in the line if it was okay for me to cut ahead because my flight left in x minutes. Everyone was real nice and waved me ahead.