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Last Supper tickets -- when will July dates be available?

I've been checking the website since the beginning of the year to reserve tickets to see da Vinci's Last Supper, but currently they are only accepting reservations through June 30th. I'm hoping to go in July. Does anyone know when they typically open up the reservation system to include July?

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I have also been looking at the website. I am going in March and have had no luck with the website. I have been trying to call, but keep getting the busy signal. I have asked my hotel if they can get reservations for me, or at least help a little. I haven't heard back from them yet (I just sent the email this morning)Try calling, maybe you will have better luck. If that doesn't work, try your hotel, if you have one.

Good Luck.

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I have been encountering similiar experiences with only getting a busy signal each time I try calling. Maybe in some ways that's good and there will be openings for us -we can only hope ;)
Anyhow, I did find an email to make inquiry but unsure if it will pan out but maybe you can give it a try. It's the email of the booking service for the last supper.

I just sent an email to them myself and will let you know if I get any results.
happy travels,

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I just got through on the phone! It took several tries -- I too got the busy signal the first few times. All that I learned is that they have not yet opened reservations for July. I was told to call back in a few weeks to see when they would be opening up July.

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I made reservations to see the Last Supper (for late April) last month on their website. It was not very user friendly but I was finally able to navigate through it. Rick Steve's books say the website will not show as many available time options as you get with a phone reservation.