last Supper tickets

I see from the website that tickets can be purchased for June dates online beginning on March 7. Is this date also applicable to phone orders? do sales start at 8 am local time for Italy or do they start at midnight?

Posted by Marc
High Falls, NY, USA
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I just purchased tickets for May on the web site. I had to wait until Feb. 12 for them to go on sale. I live on the east coast and tried at 6PM, (6 hours difference) and the site still did not allow for May tickets. I awoke at 2:30AM which equates with the box office opening and sure enough I was able to get into May and choose a time slot that worked for me. The credit card process worked fine and recieved my confirmation via email and went back to bed with 3 tickets purchased. I would reccomend if you want to use the web site to register ahead of time to speed the process. I did try to call three times and never got through. I would also suggest that you attempt to get your tickets as soon as June tickets go on sale as the tickets go quickly

Posted by John
Carlsbad, CA, USA
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Thanks Marc for your help. I guess I will try to buy them before going to bed on March 6. I really appreciate you sharing your experience. John