Last Night in Rome - Dinner Near Coliseum?

Hi there,
Okay so I ask a lot of questions! We are staying the last night at Downtown Accommodations near the Coliseum and would like to have dinner at a moderately priced (better than pizza type) restaurant. Any suggestions in the area? I'm thinking like 100E for two of us. We'll be walking or using the Metro so we can go anywhere. We can stay close to the hotel but I was thinking Piazza Navonna might be romantic! Thank you! Mike

Posted by Joe
Hudson, Ohio, US
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My sons and I really enjoyed a place we got out of Rick's Rome book, Trattoria Der Pallaro. It's on a back street near the Pantheon/Piazza Navonna. It's a bit eccentric in that there isn't really a menu, you get whatever they're making that night. The full five course meal is 25 euro (cash only) and includes a carafe of wine. We thought the food was quite good, more of a rustic Roman sort of thing than haute cusine. Trattoria Der Pallaro Largo del Pallaro, 15, 00186 Roma, Italy ?

Posted by Laurel
Rome, Italy
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L'Asino d'Oro is in Monti, close to the Colosseo. Unique, a bit modern, great service. If you want more traditional Italian/Roman, La Taverna degli Amici is in a quiet piazza off of Piazza Venezia. Nice outdoor spots too, if the season is right. Sorry, Joe, but Der Pallaro is anything BUT romantic and not worthy of last-night-in-Rome. Piazza Navona is not worthy of your euros. It's pretty, but too much tourism/ambiance ad not enough good food or caring service. And the guys who sell junk are everywhere and won't let you dine in peace.

Posted by Nigel
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M&S If you didn't ask questions we'd have to stop reading the Helpline and go back to doing something more productive like watching soap operas. Keep asking!!! I'd take Laurel's advice. She has had plenty of time to check things out and keep on top of good places.

Posted by Michael & Sherry
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Thanks Everyone... And yes Nigel - you're right. Laurel hasn't steered me wrong! I've jotted down her and your suggestions for our two week trip! Michael

Posted by Andrea
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We stayed at Downtown Accomodations and though this place isn't what you're asking for I'll tell you about it anyway. Maybe you'll want to check it out another night. There is a little alley at the bottom of Via Cavour (on the right as you get near the Coloseum) and in that alley you will find Alle Carrette. The food is really good and inexpensive.

Posted by Laurel
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M&S...& N
You make me blush! We had the pleasure of enjoying fabulous pizza with Nigel and his wife. If you have time Michael, head to Dar Poeta in Trastevere. I'd love your feedback post-trip Michael. I like to hear if others' experiences are up to my standards or not.

Posted by SamSn
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Laurel I agree with you on Dar Pallaro. This is one place that I don't understand Rick's love for. One of the worst meals I have ever had in Italy with poor service - it's cheap but I'd rather have a great sandwich if on a budget!