Last night in Rome

Everything is planned, all the reservations made, except for the last night in Rome. I need help with three things: Best B&B/Hotel at a good price, best restaurant worth the money, and the best gelateria near Trevi. I have done the night walk of Rome before, but this will be a first for my wife. I want to stay somewhere in the Trevi area that is nice, but reasonable, eat at a good restaurant that wont bankrupt us, and eat the best Gelato around Trevi, and I hope in Rome. I look forward to your recommendations, and thank you in advance!!
Ciao, Jeff

Posted by SamSn
Scottsdale, AZ, USA
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Define what "a good price" means with an amount in euro. It's really hard to recommend a place without knowing your budget.

Posted by donna
cranberry twp, PA, United States
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Also, what do you consider the best and reasonable and how much is going to bankrupt you? More specifics will get you more specific answers. Donna

Posted by Jeff
Richmond, Ky, USA
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Below 200Euro for the hotel. As for the restaurant, I don't care to pay for a good meal, I just don't want to overpay for a name or location. I am hooping to find a small quiet family run place that the locals try to keep to themselves, somewhere areound 10-125Euro. Thanks, sorry for being vague, I know better.

Posted by Robert
Liberty, Missouri
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Rick's Rome or Italy guidebook will give you many Hotels to choose from so any one you pick will be good. However IMO the best restaurant and gelato store in Rome will be the ones you "discover" on your own almost by accident. The one you find will always be your "little restaurant in Rome" and you will probably talk about it for the rest of your lives. Because I think it is pretty hard to have a really bad meal in Rome. The food might only so so,(not likely) but it is location location are in Rome!!!! I still remember eating and enjoying meals at a little place my wife and I found on our first trip to Rome in 1975. And we just happend to find it when it was time to eat. We ate there several time during our short visit. The same thing happened when I went to Rome with my brother a few years ago...we were looking for a place in Rick's book but ended up at another place by accident. I have been back to Rome 3 times since then and go to this place and have the same meal. For all I know it is a frozen pre-made dinner but it is a place I discovered on my own. My brother and I still talk about that great meal we had at that "place in Rome". Discover your own back door places. This has been Rick's theme for 30+ years....Europe Through the Back Door. It will be your discovery. And any gelato in front of Trevi Fountain will be a lifetime memory too! Anybody else have places like this?