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Large group dinner

Hello. My family (up to 25 of us) are heading to Rome for the ordination of a nephew. We are wondering if anyone has suggestions for a venue for a “fun” dinner or cooking class that could accommodate us all for an evening (no one has a big enough hotel/rental to have private chef come in. Any helpful thoughts will be greatly appreciated!


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Well Done to your nephew! Contact the restaurant Flavio Al Velavevodetto. We ate there as part of a food tour, at a long table, and they clearly had more room, so I’d think a party of 25 could be accommodated. They’re set into the ancient, manmade Testaccio Hill, with windows on one wall that allow you to see a cross section of the broken Ancient Roman pottery shards from which the hill was created, so the atmosphere is unique and wonderful.

I’d think a cooking class for as many as 25 people at one time would be hard for any chef or cooking school to conduct, especially in a single kitchen. Maybe one exists, but I’d be surprised.

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This food is far from gourmet but the experience is unique. We’ve eaten at this restaurant Eau Vive with a group. It is run entirely by nuns from many different countries who cook, serve the food and then sing a blessing at the end of the dinner.