Lake Garda

We are a family of four - two teens (16 yrs and 14 yrs). Looking for recommendation of place to stay on Lake Garda in August. My kids love amusement parks/water parks. I enjoy biking and walking. I've heard Bardolino is nice. Not sure if we will have a car. We will be leaving the area to fly home from Milan Malapensa airport. I would appreciate any suggestions of places to stay/ things to do. Thanks!

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Gardaland is one of the most famous theme parks in Italy, maybe even Europe. There is also the Parco Natura Viva Safari Zoo (where you drive through a large park and animals are free to roam). Make sure you don't rent a convertible car because they aren't allowed in the park (they have lions and tigers and they'll have you for breakfast).
Both parks are in the Peschiera/Castelnuovo area on the southeast side of the lake. Bardolino wouldn't be too far from there. Garda is beautiful everywhere, although I prefer the areas more to the north, closer to the mountains (the southern part is flat land).

Posted by Lola
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Gardaland has some adreneline rides appropriate for teens, but I would find one day there plenty. The area around there is very congested. Like Roberto, we much prefer the northern lake area. A Malcescine, you will find great walking on Monte Baldo--accessed by a cablecar that ascends about 5,000 feet. You can ride up and hike at the top, hake partway down, and ride the rest. This area is a windsurfing mecca and your kids might like to try that. You can ferry across the lake to Limone and walk there as well. Best to have a car for Garda; then you can stay in a scenic spot and drive to Gardaland to visit for a day. You could rent the car at Verona, return it there and then ride the fast train to Milan.

Posted by Janet
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In August 2007 our family of 4 (2 teen boys) stayed in apartment Il Fienile at Agriturismo Ca'del Baldo ( which is located on the edge of the Village of Caprino Veronese. It is 7 km from Lake Garda and 30 km from Verona and is a lovely place run by the very gracious Roberta and her husband Carlo who did all the work converting the former stables into apartments. They live in the beautiful yellow home next to the apartments. We did have a car though as I am not sure how easy it is to get around Lake GArda on public trans. We enjoyed all the villages on the east side of the lake and Sirmione on the south. Went to Verona one day and to Mantova (Mantua) which was very nice and untouristy.