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Lake Garda - best area for accomodations

hi All - where is the best area to stay at Lake Garda? We will be coming from Genoa via train. Would like to be close to the train station and beach, is that an option? Safe area too. Thanks, Michelle

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From Peschiera del Garda it is easy to take a ferry to any other area of the lake.

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I feel like there is a lack of information on Lake Garda on the internets. I have found options that MIGHT work for our stay in Peschiera (we chose for ease of transport from Verona and the southern parts) to explore the area like ferries, boat rentals, or even biking, but I feel like we will be able to get a grasp on what we can actually do when we arrive. There are a lot of blogs and such talking about things to do around the lake, but its a LOT of surface stuff, and not much hefty planning information. Not to mention changing ferry schedules for the new season. The southern side would probably be easiest for you Michelle, but I'm not even sure of that either.

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The train stops only at Peschiera and Desenzano, on the south shore. It’s the flat side of the lake. I prefer the north side because of the majestic mountains surrounding the lake there.
Between Peschiera and Desenzano I wouldn’t know which to choose. Both are pretty towns.
Peschiera has more historical significance. The fortress is one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites.
Desenzano is more of the typical resort towns on a lake. Very cute old city center.
Do a Google image search of both then decide. Both have ferry service to the rest of the lake.

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We stayed in Garda town on the east side just above Bardolino as the sun goes behind the mountain on the west side earlier so their days are shorter while the east side still has sun ... Bardolino has 2 wine festivals a 2 day in the spring and a 5 day in the fall ..fireworks on the last night ..... the 5 day is a must... must do ... bus is easy .. take a bus up to Riva Del Garda which was a German/Austrian town before WW1 ..Speck Stuba half way up is a gr8 German restaurant .. largest lake in Italy... enjoy ... go for the wine fest ... we look for events nowadays and schedule our vacations accordingly ... enjoy !

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For proximity to the rail station, you might have a look at Hotel Garden in Peschiera del Garda as it's pretty much right next to the station. I found the room to be very comfortable, the staff were great and they served a nice breakfast. There are other nice hotels but you'll have to check Trip Advisor for details.

If you want to use the Ferries to explore other parts of the lake, the dock is about a 15 minute walk from the station, as I recall. I timed the walk but I'd have to confirm that in my notes.

I'm not too familiar with the beach areas, but it looks like Braccobaldo Beach is relatively close so a Taxi wouldn't cost much (there are usually taxis at the station). It looks like there are other beaches in the area.