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Lake District early May

What type of weather and crowds can I expect in the Lake District in early May? Have never been there, but have always wanted to go, and now have the opportunity to visit the first week of May.

And yes, I've already done some homework, searched past posts, read various online guides, etc. But I would like first-hand comments from travellers experienced in a similar trip.

Thanks in advance.

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It would help if you could narrow down exactly where in the "Lake District" you'll be travelling.

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The “season” at the lakes starts mid-April, so by early May, hotels and restaurants will be fully open, but with delightfully few tourists. It’s a wonderful time to visit and the gardens will be in full bloom. Expect temperatures to range from high 60s in the day to low 50s at night.

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Mike, Giovanna hits it right on. In general, things will be open, but less crowded, and the weather is going to be a godsend compared to the summer. You picked a great time to go!

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Thanks Giovanni, that's exactly the type of info I was looking for. I can't be as specific as Ken or Kent would like, since we have no specific location in mind as of yet. Your broader comments hit the mark.

Thanks again.