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Lake Como or Lugano

We were going to Lugano and are thinking of changing itinerary. We depart from Zurich, so have to reach Zurich from Lake Como by train or plane. Is it possible to go to Como first and then Lugano? Or is it just easier to stay around Como and then go to Zurich. No cars, please. Want to train it if possible.

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I would choose Como over Lugano in a heartbeat (that's my personal opinion). I saw both last summer and wished I had spent more time on Lake Como. The city of Lugano is just OK...has none of the magic of the villages along Como. Lugano seemed a bit more stale and "urban." Surprisingly, though, one of the highlights of my entire trip was this obscure and modest church in Lugano called St. Mary of the Angels...I found it so peaceful and quiet in there and untouristed.

If you want to go to Como and then to Lugano, there is a bus that runs between the village of Menaggio to Lugano.

It seems to me the train goes up from the East side of L. Como and up through St. Moritz and I suppose you would have to find connections up to Zurich. I'm not the train expert, however, so you might want to research the best possible way to go.

Good luck! :-)

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I agree Lake Como any day. It is jut beautiful and the towns around the lake are just lovely. Especially Bellagio. It's easy to get from Como to Zurich by train, did it last year. The train takes 3 - 4 hours depending which one you get.

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Absolutely loved Lake Como. Bellagio is a charming city to stay in. We stayed right on the water and took the ferries or private guide to tour around.....Loved it! Marilee

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Hi I will be in Bellagio next week and can not seem to find info on the ferry service and only limited info on tours.any suggestions?