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Labor Day in Italy

Our planned trip takes us to Orvieto on May 1 and I was wondering if anyone has been there on that day. Are the sights closed for the day? More worried about that than being more crowded.

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Hi Linda. I was in Rome on May Day this year. All the museums were open and only cost 1 Euro. When I visited Florence afterwards, I learned that all the museums were closed there because they couldn't find people who were willing to work that day. So, I know this doesn't answer your question about Orvieto but it tells you that each city is different aparently.

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Linda, I was doing a search on Orvieto museums/hours, etc. on the internet but haven't found anything on the closing hours, but.. I did find a great article on Orvieto, Italy's Treasure on
We are going to be based out of Orvieto for a week and I want to know as much as I can about the village.
If you find information on the hours please post it. I need to find out what is closed November 1, All Saints Day in The Tuscany area.

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Thank you so much...both your tips are very appreciated. I will continue to reseach and if I find out anything, I will let everyone know.

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I was in Venice on May 1 - other than bank closures, everything was open. Orvieto is a much smaller town, so you may face some closures. But it's a pretty city just to walk around in - the church is likely to be open its usual hours (check Rick's book, he will list known closure times - churches often close for siesta time). Unfortunately, strikes are common in Italy, so the holiday might not be the day you will end up having things closed! We faced a Milan metro strike and Lake Como ferry strike in a one week period.