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La Gensola in Trastevere, Rome

Silly question but are there 2 restaurants with similar names? Went on Frommer and one is called Osteria La Gensola and the other was La Gensola.

Thinking of making this our 1 dinner out on our first full day back in Rome. Anyone been? Same restaurant and Frommers was confused?



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I haven't been but it looks like they are one and the same: address and phone match. Text for one mention/rating was written by "Frommers Staff" and the other by an Elizabeth Heath, who is a freelance writer. "Osteria" is probably used as a descriptor for the type of restaurant it is, as caffe, trattoria, ristorante, etc. are attached to some other eating establishments, and not a formal part of the name.

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42 posts more question for anyone who knows or has been - do they have outdoor seating that you know of?

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Haven't been, but knowing the area, any place with a few feet of street footage will put tables out. Probably won't be a courtyard or segregated area, just tables in front of the restaurant.

It is interesting to walk around the Trastevere in the early day, lots of non-descript streets, bit grungy, maybe some trash sitting out, the buildings do not even appear to have signs or be businesses. Then early evening the place transforms, shutters and doors open, lights come on, tables, chairs and decorations come out...and you have a festive pedestrian area.

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Locate the restaurant on Google maps. There are lots of photos and yes- outdoor seating.